What is my story? To me, it’s not very exciting. I had a great childhood, graduated high school and college, got a good job, got married, bought a house and had three kids. Sounds like the American dream, doesn’t it? But is that story good enough? By most people’s standards, it probably is. But if I think about what God’s story for me is, is it still good enough?

Every decision we make in our story should be a result of much prayer and time with the Lord, but what if they weren’t? I did not become a believer until my late twenties, so the decisions I made prior to that were out of my own power, not as a result of prayer. Some were great decisions that I wouldn’t change, but others I might. But I know that God knows our story from before He formed us in the womb. He can use every decision and outcome of our story for His good to make His name known. My desire is that my life today, my decisions today, will make His name known.

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