I have struggled with trust most of my adult life.  As a perfectionist, I find it difficult to let my guard down and open my heart to others.  I lead a weekly ladies Bible study for years, but have really stayed in the facilitator role and encouraged the ladies to share their hearts while hiding mine.

Over the last two years God has burdened my heart to disciple other woman.  God has brought three woman into my life over the last year.  All three are strong Christian women and my relationship with all three has been different, but each in their own way have helped me to open up and trust certain areas of my life to each of them.

This has helped me tremendously to be a better facilitator and to trust that God has a purpose for me to not only love on these women and listen, but that God can use my experiences if I trust Him to guard my heart.

Relationships are messy but so worth it.

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