[end of January]

I have decided that I am going to treat the last day of each month like January 1st.  I will take a look at the previous month while it is still fresh on my mind and I will look toward the next month and set some goals.  So, at the end of January I accomplished a few things.  I organized my kitchen desk drawers (see this), I developed my reading list for 2010.  I will finish my first book today from that list…The Worn Out Woman (When Life is Full and Your Spirit is Empty) – Stephens & Gray.  One down, many more to go.  I have started on reading the Bible in one year with two of my bestest friends.  I finished a Bible study (Begin with Christ) that started in November 2009.  Along with all of the other everyday stuff that must get done.  So on to February…I will post more about it later this week.

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