Today is day 24 of the write 31 challenge and I haven’t done a great job at all.  I started out strong in week 1 and floundered after that.  But the very wise Kate Motaung said, “just write.”  So here I am, starting again and revising my outlook on this challenge.  It’s ok to miss a day, or a week, but we get back up and start again.

I like the five-minute Friday challenge because it really is a challenge to just write for five minutes and be satisfied with the words.  I find myself revising my words over and over again to get them just right.  I question whether what I wrote really came out as I intended, or is it just a rambling of words that aren’t connected?  I think I think too much.

So for the rest of the challenge I will just write and fight the urge to revise my thoughts.

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