[five minute friday – seasons]

I have been through many seasons during my 48 years…childhood, teenage years, college years, newly married, mom of littles, mom of teenagers (eek!). But the one thing I’ve tried so hard to do is to enjoy the season I am in. I remember when my babies were little and I was exhausted all the time and it seemed like we were going on a week’s vacation with all the stuff we had to carry just to go to the mall. I remember ladies smarter than me telling me to enjoy this season because when it’s gone you will miss it. I remember telling my husband when one or more kid would end up in our bed, that they won’t be doing this when their 16. And guess what, they don’t. And yes, sometimes I miss it. But I am really enjoying this season of teenagers. Yes it has it’s moments as they mature and assert their independence but the conversations we can have are awesome. And I don’t have to carry a ton of stuff just to go the mall.




  1. It is so very important to enjoy the time…each and every moment gifted to us. Thanks for sharing. From your #fmf partner in writing. Jenninablog

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