[end of summer…new beginning]

Has the summer flown by or what?  Seems like just yesterday the kids were having their last day of school and in 4 days they start a brand new year.  September 1st is more of a “new year” to me than January 1st.  It is a time where some sort of structure comes back into the house (at least our version of structure), my kids are back home more than one day at a time (having spent the majority of their summer with their grandparents), and our last mini-vacation of the year.  We are headed out this afternoon to Nags Head, North Carolina.  Not sure exactly what we will see with all of the damage from Hurricane Irene last weekend but we will have a relaxing, fun-filled weekend anyway as a family.

I plan to spend some time in God’s Word as I look at one of His most special creations to me (outside of my children, of course), the ocean.  The sound and the feel bring about a peace in my heart…I plan to take some video on my phone so that I can relive it until next summer.

Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!!

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