[happy new year]

So back in January 2010 one of my goals was to read more and to NOT buy any new books until I had read all the other books I currently own but haven’t read.  I did ok but there were some I just had to buy and they are going on my 2011 list.  So how did I do?  Well I did finish some on my list and actually finished some not on my list.

Simplify Your Time – Ramsland – check
The Worn Out Woman – Stephens & Gray – check
Give God A Year – Lewis – check
So Long Insecurity – Moore – check

I was able to add to the list and finish… 

Surprised By Worship – Travis Cottrell
On Christmas Eve – Thomas Kincaid
On Strike for Christmas – Sheila Roberts

Foreign to Familiar – Sarah Lanier
I Danced in Africa – Elizabeth Marshall – twice

On tap for 2011…

Crazy Love – Frances Chan
Radical – David Platt

…and some from the 2010 list.

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  1. I love your new Blog Header…so super snowy! Crazy Love is awesome and I haven't finished Radical but it is good too!!! Hope you are doing great!! Miss seeing you.

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