[spring has sprung]

Wow…Spring is in full bloom and I can’t believe it has been so long since I last blogged.  One of my resolutions for 2010 was to blog more but I have been in a slump.  There is tons going on in my head but I haven’t been able to get it out on paper (so to speak).  Life continues to be busy as we wind down the school year.  Saying goodbye to 1st grade, 3rd grade and 7th grade.  Dance recital, piano recital, Word of Life award celebration, end of gymnastics, finished up an awesome Bible study tonight…and the list goes on.

Hopefully the summer will be somewhat relaxing and we will have wonderful family time along with some time spent reflecting, preparing to go on to New York to WOL camp and a missions trip to West Africa.

Life continues on…

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