I have not done much today…which I am trying to convince myself is a good thing.  I have a four day weekend that began yesterday.  I spent most of Friday working on church stuff…updating websites, making posters for upcoming events, sending emails about upcoming events, etc.  I also cleaned up my email…I deleted almost 300 emails and got my inbox down to 19 emails.  So it was a pretty productive day.  I am spending my Saturday catching up on my QT, my Bible study and reading the first of the many books I listed in a previous post.  I cleaned the kitchen but haven’t gotten the motivation to fold the many, many loads of clothes that are in my bedroom floor.  I had also planned to work on taxes today but that will have to wait for another day.  So me and my little girl are going to watch a movie while the “boys” are out doing something (going to the hobby shop I think).  I love Saturdays.

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