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I love to read…as a child I read all the time.  When I graduated from college it seemed like I stopped reading.  Maybe 5 years of reading text books did me in for a while.  Then came infants and toddlers and finding the time to read was almost impossible.  But in 2009 my love for reading came alive again.  So I spent some time this past week looking at all the books I have in my mini-library.  And yes it is a mini-library.  I have to box alot of them up because I don’t have enough room for them.  Right now there are two stacks of books on my bedroom floor.  As a side note…when we finally finish our basement I want to have built in bookshelves so that I will have plenty of room for them all.

As promised, here is my reading list for 2010 (not in any particular order)…and I already own everyone of them with the exception of “So Long Insecurity”.  It releases on February 2nd but I have already ordered it.  A few of them I have read before, but most of them I have not.  They have been sitting on my shelf, some for years.  So I have decided that I am not buying any new books in 2010 because I have plenty to read.  I just have to check them out. 

Five Love Languages of Children – Chapman
Have a New Kid by Friday – Leman
90 Minutes in Heaven – Piper
What Every Christian Ought to Know – Rogers
Simplify Your Life – Ramsland
Simplify Your Time – Ramsland
Master Leaders – Barna
The Messies Manual – Felton
Organizing for Life – Felton
Organizing Your Day – Felton
Organizing Magic – Felton
Breathe – Kent
The Worn Out Woman (When Life is Full and Your Spirit is Empty) – Stephens & Gray
Give God A Year – Lewis
So Long Insecurity – Moore
The One Year Bible for Women (NLT)

Check back in December to see how far I get…if I get half way through this list I will be happy!

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