[new addition]

Here is the newest addition to our family…Henry. He showed up at our church a week ago Wednesday. By Sunday he was still there so it didn’t appear he was going anywhere anytime soon. So we took him home, fed him and cleaned him up. On Monday I called Animal Control and the local vet but no one had reported a missing cat. We wouldn’t let the kids name him until we knew he would become a part of our family.

This past Wednesday I took him to the vet to be “checked out.” Poor thing had a pretty bad cut on his forehead and an abcess on his back near his tail. They said they would need to sedate him to get in and figure out what was going on. They were concerned because he had a fever and that his wounds might be infected. So I had to make a quick decision as to whether to go ahead and get him neutered and declawed, thus only having to sedate him one time. I struggled with spending all that money and then someone calling to claim him in the next few days.
So I took the plunge and had it all done. We picked him up last night. He ended up with stitches in his forehead and in his hind end (along with a drain tube), not to mention that he went from being a “he” to an “it.” He got all his shots while he was there too. And due to the stitches he has to wear this lovely “lampshade” for a week.

Right now he is asleep in the floor and appears to love his new home…so he is now ours and we love him already.

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